Customer Experience

Thank you for your professionalism and extra care. Last month I underwent my last – fourth treatment at your centre and I think no more will be needed. Thank you again for everything, I will gladly recommend you everywhere! Sincerely K.

Had a session in June. I saw instant results, tattoo faded much more than I expected. When I went back to Ireland, where I live, I paid for a session and it did not fade half as much. The girls have one powerful laser and it was less painful with the cooling system. Excellent. The ladies here were very genuine and caring with lots of knowledge. Very professional. Better than most clinics out there I can imagine! Sharon

 Today, I attended a consultation at your centre about tattoo removal (a skull on my shoulder about 13x10cm), and your very kind nurse informed me that she will forward you my photo tonight, so that you could calculate the price. Thank you in advance for your answer and for you approach, which is very professional, and the lady, who informed me today about various issues related to info tattoo removal or other procedures, which are performed at your laser centre, is very helpful and has a friendly approach to customers. I will certainly use the services of your centre soon. I was very pleased with the opportunity to test the procedure, after which brightening was visible.

 I like this place, because the nurse Sue is amazing. Thanks to her precise work with laser, I do not have a tattoo on my face anymore and I have found a new job. Once again, I wholeheartedly thank you!

 Today I underwent a tattoo removal at your centre and I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the procedure. When the tattoo artist tattooed me, it took an entire afternoon. However, the procedure at your place took only 5 minutes. That’s awesome :-). So I’ll see you again in six weeks. Bye

I think you’re the greatest pros imaginable. Elsewhere, they claim that tattoo will disappear, but it is not true, it usually just gets a little brighter. I saw a really terrible tattoo removal full of scars done by people, who are obviously not experienced enough in this field. You should be proud of what you can do and how you do it. Simply put – you’re the best!

Thank you for your kindness and absolutely great attitude. Also, thank you very much for the information. I think I’ll need the total of 3-4 treatments, about 40% of the tattoo disappeared after the first laser treatment, which I really did not expect. Thanks T.

Yesterday, I attended a consultation at your centre and I am very pleased with your approach. I have received a lot of information both about the procedure itself and the aftercare. That has never happened to me before, that the staff would inform me so comprehensively about everything. When I was deciding, whether to get my tattoo removed or leave it alone, after visiting your centre, I said to myself that I was going to do it and the tattoo must go away: o)

 I would like to thank you for helping me get rid of my tattoo from my youth, which I was ashamed of and which made it difficult for me in my job. I also thank you for the offered discount for so many repeated treatments, thanks to it I did not ruin the family budget.

I go to you for the removal of 1 large and 2 smaller tattoos, but all disappear in the same way, very slowly so far, but it seems to me that it has finally began to disappear more in recent days, although the tattoos are already long healed from all the scabs? Is it possible that it disappears even after healing? For example, the immune system or something? I will definitely continue the treatment.

Hello, last week I underwent the first tattoo removal, but although the procedure was a bit uncomfortable, I will return to you and to other treatments (also because the next treatment allegedly hurts less :-)). The nurse was very helpful and nice. Have a nice day, Vráťa K.

 I got a recommendation for your services from one family friend. I would like to make an appointment for a consultation meeting about my required surgery. Unfortunately, I have a tattoo that bothers me, especially in the summer, when I try to wear long-sleeved shirts, so that the tattoo is not much visible. Unfortunately, I’m not proud of that tattoo, I even considered re-tattooing, but I finally decided that I would be very glad, if he tattoo is removed.

To get a tattoo or to have a tattoo removed is a very personal decision. I am glad that I decided just for your laser centre, because with you I feel safe and I appreciate that you do not judge the meaning or location of the tattoo, as it happened to me at other clinics, where I was for a consultation before.

 I started thinking about removing some of my tattoos, which I got a couple of years ago. Finding the best clinics for tattoo removal was the step # 2. From the moment I walked into the door and the nurse greeted me, I knew I had found the right place. The first consultation and test of the efficiency of the laser on a part of my tattoo worked out beyond my expectations. Of course, I received all the details about the entire process of laser tattoo removal. All the devices are very modern and I very much appreciate the use of the device for cooling during treatment. The nurse informed me of any action that she would perform, and before I knew it, my first treatment was behind me. I received instructions on how to take care of the skin and they even called me later. Yes, they called me and asked me if everything was healing well and how I was. I’ve really never come across a similar approach before. It’s nice to see that they really care about their customers and inquire, how happy customers are. I look forward to further treatment, because I know it will be just fine, just like the last time. I would not recommend anyone to go anywhere else, because I think that there is nobody better.

 Thank you for the whole course of my visits to you, because thanks to you I saved considerable money, as compared to services at other clinics (I used to go to Pure skin laser and 4 treatments there were as one treatment at your centre). I greet especially Zuzanka at the branch in Hybernská, she is a kind person. I wish you a nice day.

Zuzana is the best! Don’t go anywhere else:-)

 It’s the best place with a very professional care for their patients. In my experience, this is the best place you can go to get tattoo removal.

I have had a few tattoos removed. At the clinic, you are very friendly and flexible in terms of appointment dates. You thoroughly explained the whole process to me and the likelihood of success of each tattoo removal. I am very satisfied with the results and I recommended you to a lot of people in my neighbourhood, and if, God forbid, I ever needed another tattoo removal in future, I would definitely come back to you.

Hello, I want to thank you for the quick reply, price calculation and mostly for the offered discount, because I am really unhappy about the work of my tattoo artist. I decided to undergo the removal procedure, moreover, the lady with whom I talked at your subsidiary was very nice and reassured me that we can do it :-)) so she has my full trust. I would like to undergo the first surgery in late August. Thank you very much for everything in advance and have a nice day Renata K.

Hello, I had a tattoo removed for the second time yesterday at your clinic. After the first elimination, the result was visible immediately, but I see little change after the second one. Is it possible that this is due to the new laser and the result will be seen only in a few days? Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Thank you for the exhaustive information, I have not even visited you yet and I will already recommend you everywhere 🙂 Thank you very much, have a nice day and I wish you a lot of satisfied customers, Monika K. 🙂

 I have read positive reviews about your centre. I wanted to ask, if it is possible to remove tattoos without scarring?

Hello, I have a favour to ask, I have been going to the Laser Plastic on Staroměstská for tattoo removal, it is a private clinic, I went there for the third time and I pay 4,000 CZK every time, but an acquaintance gave me your contact info, she is your client and she is very happy, and so I am sending you a photo in the attachment, it is freshly after removal, so do not get scared. I wanted to ask, if tattoo removal would be cheaper for me at your clinic. I have already paid 12,000 CZK and who knows how many times I will have go there yet and so I would like to ask you about the price. Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for the detailed information that I lacked. It is the first experience for me and therefore I did not know the process of the removal. I expected a faster process (1-2 treatments) and so I was surprised that the tattoo is disappearing so slowly. I will make an appointment at your centre for an examination and I will try to be patient.

 I am very pleased to have received your contact and information. Believe it or not, I have not made a lot of stupid things in my life, but that tattoo was truly one of my most striking follies. I have had the tattoo only for a week now, so it is obviously not the right time for removal. However, once some time has elapsed after healing, I will be glad to see you. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you. Petra V.

Hello, I underwent the first treatment of tattoo removal at your centre last week. If it continues this fast, I believe that I will soon get rid of the tattoo. Thank you for offering great prices.

 I was foolish enough to get a tattoo 5 days ago. The tattoo is very fresh, but I want to start its removal as soon as it is healed. Since I live about 200 km from Prague, I called you today and your staff was really nice by the way, so I would to make an appointment for a consultation, and then for the surgery. I was told that I should ask about the price calculation by email, so that you know how long the treatment will take, so I am writing to you and sending you a photo in the attachment.

 After seeing many positive references, I am interested in tattoo removal, I have it on both insteps, it is an inscription – pretty thin lines, I can send a picture. The tattoo is less than two years old. I have the opportunity to work as a flight attendant and so I unfortunately need to have it removed. I wanted to ask, how many sessions are necessary, as if I now decide to take the job, I will have to leave in 8 weeks. It is possible to remove it by then? Thank you for your positive attitude and communication.

I thank you in advance for the email, it made me happy. I am very glad that I can make an appointment even on Saturdays, so that it’s no problem for me to get to Prague. I hope that the location of the tattoo – on my breast – will not be a problem, the tattoo is over 10 years old, which should probably bean advantage. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Jana Z.

Thank you for your quick response and favourable price offer. Thank you again for your helpfulness and I also wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new step into 2013! Ondřej S.

Hello, I have found your website and very positive reviews of your work. I wanted to ask for some information about tattoo removal. I have the so-called sleeve – a tattoo across my entire arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. I have a coloured tattoo, from blue to pink, red, violet to dark black. I wonder what is the approximate price for the total elimination of such a tattoo and what is the time that would be needed for complete removal. I measure 180 cm and my arm is not extra muscular, so it is a totally average size. Thank you in advance for your answer, Regards V.