Laser tattoo removal

We are a specialized medical equipment for tattoo removal since 2011 with more than a thousand satisfied clients.

Why choose treatment at our clinic?

Don't risk it

Don't risk scaring your tattoo with Chinese cosmetic lasers! Take advantage of our services renowned Premier Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Clinic where we use medical laser.

Medical lasers

Medical lasers we use to remove tattoos are approved by the American FDA and have medical CE certification. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic we use a total of 7 wavelengths to remove tattoos of different colors

Fast healing

During treatment, we are the only ones in the Czech Republic that use numbness with the German Z Cryo 6 for greater losses tattoo pigment, less pain and faster healing!

Minimal scarring

Less than 0.5% of the risk of scarring is thanks our 8 years of experience and quality used medical lasers. Connect to our satisfied clients too!

Award-winning clinic

In 2014 we won the prestigious portal awards "top doctor for tattoo removal.


In the area of ​​laser tattoo removal is we continuously educate and train we watch for you the latest world trends and regularly visit Czech i World Medical Congresses.

How much does laser tattoo removal?

20% DISCOUNT for 6 treatments

Smaller tattoos

950 - 2450 Kč
  • One tattoo removal procedure

Medium tattoo

1 650 – 2 950 Kč
  • One tattoo removal procedure

Bigger tattoos

2 700 – 5 700 Kč
  • One tattoo removal procedure

Large tattoos

4 900 Kč a výše
  • One tattoo removal procedure

Video references from real clients removing laser tattoos

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We offer FREE consulting and testing procedures for a small area of ​​your tattoo to prove the effectiveness of our lasers. We offer discounts to students or prepayments for more treatments. The treatment can also be made in installments.

We are a premier clinic of plastic surgery Premier Clinic based in Jungmannova street 26/15, Prague 1. We have the latest equipment in operating theaters, inpatient care and laser treatments.

Less pain free procedure

We are the first workplace in the Czech Republic, which offers free treatment with the German cooling system CRYO 6 from the manufacturer Zimmer Medizin Systeme during all laser procedures in our laser centres. Use of the device CRYO 6 is already the world standard.

Using a maximally hygienic – contactless cooling, which cools the tattoo place down both before and after treatment, and most importantly during the procedure, means that the treatment is extremely comfortable and the results are even better.

Due to the effect of the apparatus CRYO 6, it is possible to set a higher value of the laser, which leads to better results without damaging the skin.

Possible swelling or redness will be much smaller and faster to disappear, because this method also significantly shortens the healing process. You can read about the advantages of this cooling, including clinical trials.

In our centres, we use a state-of-the-art laser with the large spot size of the beam of up to 10 mm with adjustable pulse repetition up to 10 times per second, which will make the actual treatment time and possible discomfort very short.

For extremely sensitive patients, we offer anaesthetic ointment application before treatment for an additional fee, but only about 2% of customers take advantage of this. In case of application of an anaesthetic ointment, it is necessary to come for the treatment at least 45 minutes in advance.

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Photos before and after the procedure

About Premier Clinic

MUDr. Jana Votrubová, Ph.D.

How many treatments are needed?

For professional tattoos, treatments are repeated at least 4-6 times, amateur tattoos usually require fewer treatments. Clients usually remove permanent makeup 1 – 3 times. The treatment is repeated individually after about 4 to 8 weeks, so it is a longer-term process.

About tattoo removal with us

If you are considering removing a tattoo or permanent makeup, you are in the right place. Tattoos have been considered lifelong for thousands of years, but that is no longer the case. We have been specializing in tattoo removal for six years at our laser center. We understand all your feelings that have led you to consider tattoo removal. Quite often we also remove brand new, unsuccessful tattoos and permanent make-up or tattoos that have been visually managed, but the client cannot identify with him, which can lead to depression in some cases. The largest group consists of clients who are annoyed by their tattoos, usually 5 or more years old, because they had it done when they were too young and now have a good job and a completely different lifestyle. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable with a tattoo with a tattoo. We believe that without tattooing in visible places such as face, neck or hands, you get better job offers so you can start your career. We very often remove names, especially former partners or signs of belonging to a certain group (eg swastika or prison tattoos). The last group is a clientele who loves tattoos, but they no longer like the existing motive and therefore have it removed only partially = lighten so that they can choose from a wider selection when choosing a new tattoo and the tattoo is done without shining through the original image or the old image had to be tattooed over a larger, dark area. Using state-of-the-art medical technology, we help our clients change their lives and give them a second chance to live with clean, tattoo-free skin and greater confidence.

What tattoo removal equipment do we use?

We use several types of medical lasers for tattoo removal and the total of 7 wavelengths for a maximum efficiency of treatment. All our devices are certified by the FDA, which is considered the highest standard among the markings of medical devices.

We do not use cheap Chinese cosmetic imitations of Q-Switch Nd: YAG lasers, which do not have the sufficient capacity and may potentially cause scarring. We most often use the Q-Switch ND YAG laser of the PASTELLE brand, this device is considered the gold standard of tattoo removal. You can find more about this laser here.

During application of the laser flash on the tattoo in the length of about 4 billionth of a second, the laser light is selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, and therefore the surrounding tissue cannot be damaged when treated by the Q – switch Nd: YAG laser. The best and fastest to remove are dark colours, especially black. It’s like when the weather is sunny and you wear dark clothes, which warm up very fast, as they attract sun rays (likewise, dark shades attract laser beams), and on the contrary, white clothes make you more comfortable. For this reason, white tattoo pigment cannot be removed. Fortunately, white pigment is used in tattooing mostly just for shading to highlight dark shades and it is not much visible on the skin after removal of other colours of the tattoo.

After the impact of the laser beam deep in the skin, particles of the tattoo are dispersed into smaller ones, so they can be removed from the body in the following days and weeks after treatment via macrophages (cells) that are part of the immune system. Laser tattoo removal must be repeated several times, since the tattoo pigment is applied in several layers one above the other and the laser affects then only gradually. After each treatment, the tattoo gets brighter.


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